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Ensuring Precision and Compliance in Medical Device Labeling

Navigating the Landscape of Medical Device Labeling and UDI Compliance

Effective labeling and the use of the Unique Device Identification (UDI) system are critical components of medical device compliance and patient safety.


Standards such as ISO 15223-1 and the FDA’s 21 CFR 801 and 21 CFR 830 provide stringent guidelines for labeling and identification.


At MedLaunch, we specialize in navigating these complex requirements, ensuring that your medical devices are not only compliant but also clearly and accurately communicate essential information to users and stakeholders.

Medical device in packaging

Deep Dive into ISO 15223-1 and 21 CFR 801 & 830

  • ISO 15223-1 Mastery: This standard provides a harmonized approach to medical device labeling, specifying symbols and terminology that can be universally understood. However, integrating these symbols into product labels and instructions for use (IFU) requires a nuanced understanding of both the standard and its application in diverse regulatory environments. MedLaunch excels in translating these requirements into actionable strategies, ensuring your labeling is not only compliant but also enhances user comprehension and safety.

  • 21 CFR 801 & 830 – A Closer Look: The FDA's regulations for labeling and UDI pose unique challenges, from determining the appropriate symbols and labeling content to managing the complexities of UDI integration into global distribution networks. MedLaunch's expertise shines in demystifying these regulations, offering solutions that align with your operational workflows and market objectives.

Mastering UDI Compliance for Global Traceability

The Unique Device Identification (UDI) system, as outlined in 21 CFR 830, is crucial for the traceability and post-market surveillance of medical devices. Implementing a UDI system involves understanding complex regulatory requirements and integrating them into your product labeling and data reporting processes.


MedLaunch provides a comprehensive suite of services to ensure your seamless transition to UDI compliance, including:

  • UDI Strategy and Implementation: We help you develop a clear roadmap for UDI compliance, addressing technical, operational, and regulatory considerations to ensure a smooth integration into your existing quality management and production systems.

  • Data Management and Submission Support: Managing UDI data across different jurisdictions can be daunting. MedLaunch assists in organizing, validating, and submitting UDI data to global databases, ensuring accuracy and timeliness in compliance reporting.

  • Continuous Education and Compliance Monitoring: As regulations evolve, so do the requirements for labeling and UDI compliance. MedLaunch stays ahead of regulatory changes, providing ongoing education, updates, and support to ensure your compliance strategies remain effective and current.

Begin your journey to flawless medical device labeling and comprehensive UDI compliance with MedLaunch. Contact us today to explore how we can elevate your compliance strategy and ensure your devices stand out for their quality, safety, and global accessibility.

Why Partner MedLaunch for your Labeling and UDI Needs?

With MedLaunch by your side, you gain more than just compliance expertise; you access a partner committed to the success and global reach of your medical devices.


Our approach combines regulatory insight, practical experience, and a deep understanding of the medical device sector to provide solutions that not only meet regulatory demands but also support your business objectives and enhance the end-user experience.

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