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At MedLaunch, our commitment to excellence in medical device development and regulatory compliance is reflected in the success stories of our clients. Our testimonials page showcases the trust, success, and transformation experienced by startups and established firms in the medical device industry. Here, you will find firsthand accounts of how our expertise has guided them through the complexities of innovation, market-entry, and beyond.

Hearing directly from our clients, you'll understand why MedLaunch is more than a service provider—we're a trusted partner in the journey toward medical device excellence. Our collaboration with companies like Luminance Medical Ventures, G&H Orthodontics, Paragon Surgical, and Fastwave Medical underscores our role in advancing healthcare technology and ensuring patient safety and product efficacy.

We invite our valued clients to share their MedLaunch experience, contributing to a growing number of success stories that inspire and inform. Their testimonials are not only a reflection of our shared achievements but also a sign of the future innovation in the medical device sector yet to come.


Luminance RED


I highly recommend Nathan and his team at MedLaunch. In an industry often marked by formality, Nathan's friendly demeanor and exceptional personality truly stand out.

His ability to tailor services to any company size or product type, coupled with comprehensive expertise in regulatory consulting, sets MedLaunch apart.

The ease of working with him, especially when external expertise is required, streamlines and enhances project efficiency.

Nathan's approachable nature and professional competence are invaluable assets, and I look forward to our continued partnership.

Troy Stites

Owner - Luminance Medical Ventures


G&H Orthodontics

G&H Orthodontics

I am pleased to express my strong endorsement for MedLaunch, a pivotal partner in our journey towards regulatory excellence in the manufacturing of orthodontic appliances. As an integral member of the product development and commercialization team, I have had the privilege of working closely with Nichole and Nathan, as well as the MedLaunch team on various projects, notably the EU Medical Device Regulation (MDR) certification we received in 2022. 

Nichole's expertise has been a cornerstone in navigating the intricacies of MDR, providing insightful guidance, and ensuring a seamless certification process. Their commitment to our shared goals and their ability to transcend regulatory challenges have been integral to our success.


We now can proudly claim that we are the first orthodontic manufacturer to achieve MDR certification, ensuring patients continue to have access to devices when so many other manufacturers are leaving the market. 

Beyond certifications, our collaboration with MedLaunch has extended to supporting innovative new product development initiatives. This multifaceted partnership reflects not only the depth of MedLaunch's regulatory knowledge but also their commitment to facilitating advancements within the medical device industry. 

I confidently recommend MedLaunch to any organization seeking a collaborative and knowledgeable team when launching their medical devices. Their dedication to excellence and proactive approach makes them an invaluable asset in an ever-evolving medical device and regulatory landscape. 

Jim Aycock

VP of Sales, Marketing, and Business Development - G&H Orthodontics 


Paragon Surgical

Paragon Surgical

We have used MedLaunch for both regulatory consulting and verification and validation testing during the development and commercialization of our medical devices. MedLaunch provided succinct yet comprehensive solutions that allowed us to save time and money on the project.


Rather than overcomplicate and inflate the scope of the project, MedLaunch listened to our objectives and provided solutions that fit perfectly into our budget and timeline. 

Zach Copple

Founder/President - Paragon Surgical LLC


Fastwave Medical

Fastwave logl.png

If you’re looking for an agile, fast-moving partner, MedLaunch is it. They have a unique ability to balance high-quality results with business and commercial requirements. I can’t recommend their team enough.

Scott Nelson

CEO - Fastwave Medical

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