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ISO 10993:
Patient Safety through Biocompatibility

ISO 10993 sets the international standard for evaluating the biocompatibility of medical devices, ensuring they are safe for patient use. This series of standards assesses the potential risks posed by materials in medical devices in contact with the human body.


Compliance with ISO 10993 is a critical step in medical device development, signifying a commitment to patient safety and product reliability.

MedLaunch offers comprehensive guidance and support in navigating the complex requirements of ISO 10993, ensuring that your medical devices meet the highest standards for biocompatibility.

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Comprehensive Biocompatibility Assessment

Adherence to ISO 10993 is essential for manufacturers to comprehensively evaluate and mitigate biological risks associated with medical devices. This involves a series of tests and evaluations, ranging from cytotoxicity to sensitization and genotoxicity.

Compliance with ISO 10993 is not just about meeting regulatory requirements; it's a demonstration of your commitment to patient safety and product quality. This standard is recognized globally, and adherence can significantly facilitate market access and acceptance across international boundaries.


MedLaunch's expertise in ISO 10993 compliance ensures that your medical devices are thoroughly assessed for biological safety, meeting both regulatory requirements and ethical standards of patient care.

Expert Guidance in Biocompatibility Testing

Our Comprehensive ISO 10993 Compliance Services Include:

  • Risk-Based Evaluation: We begin by identifying potential biological risks, considering factors such as the device's material composition, duration of contact, and the anatomical location of use.

  • Testing Strategy Development: Our experts develop a detailed testing strategy, tailored to your device’s specific characteristics and regulatory requirements. This strategy encompasses a range of tests, including but not limited to cytotoxicity, sensitization, genotoxicity, and implantation studies.

  • Test Management and Execution: We oversee all aspects of biocompatibility testing, managing the process from sample preparation through to final report generation. Our team ensures that testing is conducted in accordance with the latest ISO 10993 standards and best practices.

  • Regulatory Documentation and Support: We provide comprehensive assistance in preparing and submitting the necessary regulatory documentation to demonstrate biocompatibility compliance. This support is crucial for navigating the regulatory approval process efficiently.

Why Choose MedLaunch for ISO 10993 Compliance?

At MedLaunch, we're committed to ensuring your medical devices meet the rigorous standards set by ISO 10993.

Let MedLaunch Navigate Your Path to Biocompatibility Compliance.


Through our comprehensive services, expert guidance, and unwavering dedication to quality and safety, we're here to support you in achieving biocompatibility compliance and success in the global medical device market.

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